Australian Open – AO Club 2016

“Tennis Australia has engaged CHARD to execute the design, theme and production of VIP and Corporate areas for the Australian Open. CHARD brought a refreshing new energy to the brand presentation which matched the needs of a world class Grand Slam tournament. CHARD met our expectations and created spaces that ensured our most important customers would have a memorable experience.”

The Australian Open is the largest tennis event in the southern hemisphere and one of the worlds four great Grand Slam events. For six years Chard has designed and produced the ambience for a suite of rooms that play host to heads of state, blue chip corporate clients, celebrities, athletes, media, international delegates and other VIP guests.
Each of these 14 rooms have unique identities, the President’s Lounge, for example, is a sophisticated “money can’t buy experience” visited by well travelled heads of state and international tennis officials.
The AO Club, with it’s sleek subterranean themetic, hosts celebrities, media, sponsors and elite athletes. All rooms are built on the strong characteristics of this contemporary Australian Brand.